Starting With An Objective

One thing a lot of the best athletes have in common is that they picture how the ending of a race, match, game or any competition is going to be. It allows for proper training throughout a long or short period to get to the point of having a goal to achieve. It even gives a lot of flexibility and adaptability. In that, I’m under the impression that it gives them a whole lot less to worry about as well. Having some friends who have participated in collegiate track and field not only motivates me to go on a walk from time to time, but it’s allowed me to look at things from a different perspective.

In life, whether it’s in conversation, school, or business, it’s important to know what your goal is. Why start something that you has no clear end goal? No objective? Why is it, in same scenarios, not okay to ask, “What’s the purpose of this?” If there’s no objective, then it’s nearly impossible to plan effectively or to figure it out along the way. If leadership is unable or unwilling to answer that question, perhaps it’s important to look at whether this is the race you want to be a part of.

Be willing to ask yourself what you want out of a given situation and then act accordingly.


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