The Art of Finding Passion in Anything

I was listening to a favorite podcast of mine from Tim Feriss the other day that really spoke to me. Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs” was the guest interviewee speaking to his experiences trying out hundreds of non-glamorous jobs over the years, and his relentless passion for continuing to do so. One simply-put quote best summed up his reasoning: “Instead of pursuing a passion, I look to be passionate in whatever I do.” I thought to myself, “Is it possible to find passion in whatever I do?”

For me, I think passion is a direct result of finding purpose inspired from curiosity. Though entirely subjective and cliche to say, I think a person’s mindset going into anything does more to determine outcomes than anything else. Unfortunately for me, my brain functions as a 10-year-old child with ADD mixed with the classic Queen single, “I want it all.” I want to know everything I possibly can but I am susceptible to cognitive dissonance. I need to focus my curiosity by asking good questions, both of myself and others. “What is the end result I want here?” is a question I recently began asking myself more and more. However, sometimes my perspective isn’t good enough and it’s important for me to acknowledge when it’s appropriate to ask others their thoughts.

I began being more clear in who I ask questions of as well because 95% of people are thinking about themselves when going into conversations. I try not to assume other people care as much as I do, but it’s also not fair to assume other people wont. According to a study done at Harvard about preferences and assumptions, that’s the wrong mindset to have anyways.

Know that the best teachers inspire curiosity, and the best students know how to convert curiosity into an actionable outcome. As with anything, passion starts with you, your purpose, and the level of curiosity you have. Be curious.

Lastly, a special big shout out to my mentor, friend and client Mark Peterson on his birthday. Thank you for helping inspire my curiosity!



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